Can You Understand Me Now

Originally Written:May 16, 2011

teeth-gif-003I wear a guard to protect my teeth at night. I’m a clincher and a grinder. Miss A Type grits her teeth in her sleep.

It’s difficult to understand what I’m saying when I’m wearing it. Last night, I dreamed that my aunt was angry with me. She told me that she’d heard that I had insulted her son. I wanted to explain the details to her, but the guard was in my mouth, and she couldn’t understand me. Frustrated, I dug around in my mouth and removed it. When I woke, the guard was in my hand. I had actually removed it during the dream.

Remember when I participated in that sleep study and had that weird dream about vicious koala bears? The sleep specialist said we are paralyzed during REM sleep so we won’t act out our dreams and potentially hurt ourselves. So much for that.

And there’s a new feature to my sleep dramas. For some reason, I now talk more in my sleep. It annoys H because he can’t understand me with the guard. I wonder if he thinks I’m going to divulge something earth-shattering – like the solution to climate change, or population growth or balancing the budget.


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