Meet the Bushes

george-h-w-and-barbara-bushPresident George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush

Originally Written — December 1, 2009

My uncle is no longer with us in real life. He died in 2008, but he was quite alive in the dream, and I was visiting him and my aunt. He was a military man – a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army. They lived a couple of doors down from Dad (my aunt still does), and next door to The General who was General Norman Schwarzkopf’s boss at some point. Anyway, my uncle and the general were buds and maybe that contributed to this dream. That and I ran into a photo of him yesterday.

The Dream

So I was visiting them, and I walked into the kitchen to say hello to my aunt, and who was standing there talking to her but Barbara Bush. My uncle and aunt have been loyal republicans their entire lives. Aunt Ruthie was chopping and slicing to beat the band, and Mrs. Bush was standing there chatting with her. Her lips, lacquered with red lipstick, punctuated her pale face. I can’t remember if she was wearing her pearls, but she was wearing black, horn rimmed glasses. Who knew?

I nodded to her, and as I turned to walk away, I saw my uncle walk into the house with former President George H. W. Bush (1989-1993). They were walking down a hall that was parallel to the hall I was on. Our halls were separated by rooms, but there were short hallways in between the rooms that connected them.

I began to walk very fast down my hallway and looking down each short hallway as I came to it. I was attempting to judge where they were. I thought if I could get ahead of them, then I could turn down one of the short hallways that connected their hallway with mine. This could place me in a position to “accidentally” bump into them.

It was much like trying to find your husband or kids in a grocery store. You keep running along, looking down each aisle. This is where you come into the dream. All I could think about was creating an encounter with them so I could write about it here. I couldn’t wait to brag to you about meeting a president.

I never have any idea what these dreams mean, but I’m certain that I would go to great lengths to entertain and/or impress you. That’s a sure thing, but I’m not sure this would be the thing that would do it. I’ll keep thinking.

If you’re interested, gives a brief bio on each president.


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