Originally Written: May 6, 2013

Okay, another sleeping/insomnia/night terror/talking-screaming-craziness story. You may remember that I’ve started waking from sleep with this screaming thing? The Grands brought their parents for a visit on Saturday. On Saturday night, I dreamed someone was stalking me. It was dark and I was scared. In hopes that someone would come to my rescue, I decided to scream as loud as I could. I did. Scream. “YaHooooooooo!” I scared the heck out of H. The Hooooooo part of the YaHoooooo went on for a long time. Finally, he yelled, “Ride ’em cowboy!” I swear. We’re freakishly crazy around here.

The next morning my DIL asked me if everything was okay. I can’t imagine what she thought… me screaming, “YaHoooooo” and H yelling, “Ride ’em cowboy.” What crazy in-laws. This happened once before when they were here. Maybe she’s getting used to it. My son opined that YaHoooooo wasn’t going to deter an attacker, and suggested I try yippeeeeeeeee or coochie cooooooooo next time.

I woke everyone in the house except for the two youngest grands. H said I probably woke the neighbors. He was surprised we didn’t see blue lights reflecting off the bedroom walls, police officers and fire trucks in the driveway. Maybe next timeH


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