Asparagus, Illness and Nudity

Originally Written: October 27, 2015

I’ve dreamed about a girlfriend for three nights in a row. Last night, we were celebrating her birthday. Every course was asparagus.

Night before last, I had the worst dream. She was dying of a horrible disease. Her skin was breaking and tearing, and we were told that she would eventually bleed to death.

The first dream was the weirdest, yes, weirder than an all-asparagus menu, but at least she was not in pain. I dreamed that she had moved into an adorable, little house. It was two stories: two small bedrooms upstairs and only a tiny living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs. She was having a party. All of our friends were there. She had a red wagon that she pulled behind her everywhere she went, and she was completely naked. She was plump-ish, but very cute. I was appalled that she was naked, but no one else seemed to care. She eventually went upstairs to get dressed, I assumed. When she came down again, she was only wearing pants, no top. Still, no one was bothered by this except me.


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