DIL, DIL’s Mother, DIL’s Baby

Originally Written: September 4, 2015

Recently, I’m not remembering my dreams as often. Instead of waking H with screams, I wake him laughing. I seldom remember why I’m laughing, but it must be very funny. I do recall a dream from a few nights ago. I dreamed that my DIL was pregnant and delivered a baby boy. I was feeding him a carrot. My DIL’s mother said, “We don’t feed him carrots.” When I asked her what kind of food he should eat, she said, “Cheap food.” Isn’t that silly. Her mother is the sweetest lady, and would never feed a baby cheap food… Well, unless it was very nourishing. 🙂 My DIL breastfed all the kids. I guess that’s the cheapest food ever, and the most nourishing.


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