Donald Turump Dream and a Sweet Dream

Originally Written: March 13, 2016


I must have imagined it, but just as I was falling asleep last night and dwelling in that in-between state before complete sleep, I could have sworn that I saw (heard) someone jump on the stage with Donald Trump and throw water in his face. This morning, I saw the clip in which a man almost made it on stage with him, but the water-in-the-face non-incident must have been a groggy-brain conjuring. Don’t be smug. It isn’t as if it’s out of the realm of possibility. I’m sure someone out there wants to throw cold water on this fiasco.


Last night, I dreamed the most beautiful and peaceful dream I’ve ever dreamed. My mind, spirit and body were at peace as I slowly walked down a ribbon of pearl-white sand. Waves gently lapped against the beach. As soon as my bare feet left evidence of their passing, soft but resolute waves claimed their imprints, erasing them from existence as if I’d never been there. I watched as a setting sun ignited the sky with swirls of peach and mango and salmon and the most tender bits of liquid lavender. I’ve never felt such harmony within myself and with the world. Please sir, I want some more.

That was a once in a decade dream for me… or more.


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