Haunted House

Originally Written: April 8, 2015

I was looking at a house with my son. There was a pretty girl in the house who was selling doves. My son bought one for me. Martha Stewart helped us choose the dove. Then Martha and the girl were gone, and we were looking at the house again. My son wanted to spend the night in the house, but I felt bad vibes and wanted to leave. He insisted. Then he told me that he was going to leave his wife, that he was having an affair with a beautiful blond soap star. I was devastated and angry with him and worried about The Grand Trio. By now, I had very strong feelings about leaving the house, but he wanted to stay. The house began to shake. There were bad spirits in the house. We ran for the door. We made it outside, and we were safe, but he ran back in with a vacuum cleaner, shouting that he had forgotten to vacuum the living room carpet. When he was inside, a huge human skull appeared in the sky. I woke screaming.


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