Spousal Abuse Dream

Originally Written: March 8, 2015

I dreamed that I had a friend whose husband was physically abusive to her. I tried to persuade her to leave him. She would not. I realized that her husband’s wrath would soon extend to me. I told her that I would not interfere anymore, that she could make her own decisions but not to wait too long. Her husband caught me before I could get out of their yard and tried to beat me with a shovel. I avoided his attempted blows.

Then my friend, the wife, came out of the house and got in on the act. She grabbed a manual lawn edger similar to the one above and tried to chop my head off. I grabbed the blade-end of the edger with my bare hands in an attempt to keep it away from my neck. I woke screaming. Now that’s a Jerry Springer dream if I ever saw one. H woke and told me it was only a dream (he’s used to the routine).

And this all took place on the street where I grew up.

The only thing I can think of that relates to the dream is a conversation we had yesterday about mulching the flower beds in a few weeks and a couple of other yard and garden topics.


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