Wherein Sassy Steals My Man

Originally Written: February 25, 2015

Last night, I had a dream about people that I know, but first, a little background. There were three sisters who helped with Dad’s care over the years. Two of them loved him to death, but all three had little quirks and issues. Jen was the most screwy of the three. Their oddest quirk was their attraction to my husband… if you can call that a quirk. At least two of them were unabashedly infatuated with H. Constance was single – never married. Jen was unhappily married. Constance had the nerve to tell me that Jen said, “If Bella ever dies, I’m going for H.” Her marriage didn’t seem to inhibit her intentions at all! You cannot make this stuff up. I told H, “Maybe if you marry her, the two of you can move in with Dad.” He was not amused.

Okay. The dream.

I dreamed that I lived in the same neighborhood as Constance. In the dream, Constance had a younger sister named Sassy. There is no sister named Sassy in real life. She’s only a dream/figment of my imagination. In the dream, she had lived with Constance for awhile and was now moving out. I went by to say goodbye and to gather some things that I had loaned Sassy while she was staying there. When I told Constance why I was there, she said she had something to tell me, “H and Sassy had an affair.”

I was all Zen about it, not disturbed one bit. H appeared in the dream. Strangely, he felt no need to give an explanation, and, even stranger, I felt no need to ask for one. Sassy had one of those huge, old, box-shaped computers that I’d loaned her. In keeping with my newfound Zen attitude, I let her keep it, but I grabbed up three ratty, old stuffed bears that I’d given her. Then (unbelievably) I tried to give Sassy a goodbye hug, but she was stiff as a splintered board, refusing to hug me back. What? Who’s the injured party here?

This must indicate that I cannot set boundaries, or there would have been a funeral scene.


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