Lost Keys

skeletonkeysLast night’s dream found me, along with a crush of other people, gently meandering up and down one of those lovely, mature, treelined neighborhoods that skirt urban areas. The homes were stately, beautiful and flawlessly maintained. They stood close together with their small, clipped yards touching one another. One front door in particular attracted my attention.  It was a red lacquered affair with a flawless, high sheen. Red is my favorite color.

It was dark; only the glow from lamp posts lighted our way. The air was the essence of autumn: clean and crisp, but lying just beneath the surface was that unmistakable, rich, loamy scent, the earmark of fall. Leaves fell from overhanging trees as H and I walked under them. It was Halloween, but not a child was in sight, not a witch, not a devil, not even a single princess was abroad on this beautiful fall night. Only adults roamed the streets in a slow, relaxed, carnival-like stroll. Though it was Halloween, it was a different kind of Halloween; it was Halloween for adults only.

There were no costumes. Everyone wore seasonal clothing: sweaters, jeans, lightweight jackets, and the occasional scarf around the neck. H and I walked up the sidewalk to the house with the red door. We entered. There was an elaborate buffet of cheeses, dips, canapés, pumpkin pies and mulled cider. We ate and drank and enjoyed. When we had our fill, we left, but no sooner than we’d left the house and rejoined the throng, I realized that I’d forgotten my keys. I went back inside immediately. Only a few seconds had passed, but my keys were gone. I searched and searched, but could not find them. How would we get home?

Note: On a long-ago Halloween, when I was about eleven-years-old, I recall going to a  neighborhood that was similar to the one in my dream. My mother and I were visiting my sister in Connecticut, and we took my two nieces trick-or-treating.

Another stress/frustration dream in which I lost something important and could not find it. I’ve had several of these recently. This was such a sweet dream until I realized I’d lost something. What did it mean?

Interpretation of Losing Keys in Dream
Among other things: “Lost keys may also represent feeling lost or feeling a loss of control, power or authority in some aspect of life; may also symbolize a lost or missed opportunity.
Source: DreamsCloud

I found a couple of interpretations for losing keys in a dream. They offered similar analysis, but this one resonated with me, and more closely identifies a niggling annoyance at the moment, when referring to a “lost opportunity.” A decision I made in the past has come back to bite, and has recently begun to weigh on my mind.

Interpretation of Doors
A choice of many doorways represents a difficult decision you must make in real life.
Source: Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are entering through a door signifies new opportunities that are presented before you. You are entering into a new stage in your life and moving from one level of consciousness to another. In particular, a door that opens into the inside denotes your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery. Source: Dream Moods

I like the idea of “new opportunities” since I’m not thrilled with the “lost opportunity” that the lost keys symbolized. If you remember, there were many doors from which to choose and that represents a “difficult decision.” Lot’s of food for thought.

Speaking of food…

Interpretation of Eating in a Dream
To dream that you are eating with others signifies harmony, intimacy, merriness, prosperous undertakings, personal gain, and/or joyous spirits. Source: Dream Moods

I’ll take it!!


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