Oh, Hill

Last week, I had the most horrible dream about Hillary Clinton. It was very short, but extremely distressing. I was at an event. I was seated on the front row, and she was one seat over, flanked on both sides by… I don’t know… friends? secret service? Not sure, but when she tried to stand, they had to help her. She could not stand on her own. She looked depleted, exhausted and ill. She had that blank look in the eyes that people have when their life force is draining out of them. I was so sad.

Interpretation: Dreaming of a politician

To dream of a politician, denotes displeasing companionships, and incidences where you will lose time and means. Source: Dream Interpretation

On this one, I found no interpretation of dreaming about a politician that had any relevance to my waking life. The interpretation above is the closest because daylight saving time began today, so I did lose time, literally. But I don’t think that’s the spirit of this interpretation.

Interpretation: Illness

Illness is an unfavorable symbol for you. Unfortunately, it is not the case when some dream has an opposite meaning in reality. Instead, it gives you a signal to check your state of health and take corresponding measures in time.

If you or someone else is ill in your dream, such a dream is a warning for you. It cautions you against some oncoming danger in the future. Source: Globe-Views

This is the second illness dream I’ve had recently. In my last illness dream, I dreamed I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Understandably, I’m not thrilled with this interpretation.


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