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Yesterday was daylight saving time, and I was tired today. I fell asleep this afternoon and slept long enough to go into REM sleep, and you know what that means. I dreamed.

I dreamed that I visited my doctor, and he was very concerned that my heart wasn’t working right, and that my feet were so cold. He said my heart couldn’t decide what to do: to pump the blood to my head or my feet. I asked if there was anything he could do. He did not look hopeful, but said there may be one thing. He then called to his nurse and asked, “How long has (name of a drug) been on the market. She yelled back, “Three months.” He said he had to prepare it, and that I should return in three hours. I left, went shopping, went home and told my son, who was visiting. By then, I realized that over three hours had passed. I asked my son to take me to the doctor’s office. We got in the car and started the short trip. I was distraught, afraid that we wouldn’t get there before his office closed. My son didn’t seem concerned. I woke.


Strangers and Death

Night before last, I had a dream. I was in my father’s house after he died. About a dozen people – strangers – showed up from some nameless organization that made monthly visits to make sure I was caring properly for my father, and that the house was clean. One woman wiped her hand across the paneling and gazed disgustedly at her palm. Angrily, I told her that my father had died, and they had no right to be there, and no right to judge me. Another woman said, “Too bad he put the house in his son’s name all those years ago. It would be in foreclosure by now, and I could get a good deal on this waterfront property.” That’s when I shouted, “Shut your mouth, or I’ll throw you out.” Then I heard my husband’s calm-talking-to-a-child voice saying, “Where ya going?” I was sitting up in bed, getting ready to throw her butt out. That’s what I was doing, but H stopped me. Lucky for her.

Dream Interpretation: Strangers

Strangers in your dreams may represent aspects of yourself that you have not yet recognized, or you are denying or repressing.
They may be people that you met in passing during the day but didn’t notice because they were not significant or important enough at the time.
They may be guides that have come to help you.
Strangers may also represent someone that acts strangely or something that is strange to you. Source: DreamCloud

Dream Interpretation: Death

According to Jeffrey Sumber, M.A., M.T.S., L.C.P.C., a psychotherapist and author in Chicagor, dreams about death often indicate “the symbolic ending of something, whether that’s a phase, a job or a relationship.” He suggests that a dream about death can also indicate attempts to resolve anxiety or anger directed toward the self. 

He continues…
“Like all dreams, death-related dreaming is an opportunity for introspection and growth.” A person can ask herself if she is anxious about something or angry at herself or someone else. “I can potentially learn that part of me is not at peace with the notion of my own death or the ending of something big in my life,” says Sumber. “I have the opportunity to look within, take stock of myself and make adjustments as needed.” Source: The Huffington Post
This dream interpretation is part of a Huffington Post series about dream interpretation. 

So what is this all about? A dozen people judging me, and finding me lacking. Ouch! Couldn’t be me judging myself and finding myself lacking, could it? Hmmm

Three Dreams

Originally Written: March 7, 2016

A few weeks ago, I dreamed I was driving. H woke to find me sitting on the side of the bed, hands at 10 and 2, just driving along. He said that he tucked me back in bed.

Another night I dreamed that my daughter-in-law had two more babies. She was carrying one and I the other. We came upon one of those public family changing/bathrooms. She asked me to go in the bathroom and change the baby. I took the baby inside, but it was not your ordinary bathroom. It was a huge room with lots of people and lots of changing tables. I suddenly needed to use the facilities (a common occurrence in my dreams). A woman came over and told me not to worry, she would hold the baby for me. I let her. When I was finished, I saw her leaving the room with the baby. I couldn’t catch her, and I knew my D-I-L was going to be so mad at me. When I told my son this dream, he said, “You’re right about that one.”

Last night, I dreamed that one of Dad’s caregivers was stealing stuff from his house. When I caught her in the act, she Maced me.

Left Alone on the Ice

Originally Written: February 4, 2016

It was so cold. Surrounded by my family, I fell asleep on a frozen lake. When I woke, they were gone, and all of the ice touching land had melted. I knew that I would freeze before I could swim to shore, and why had they left me there? Alone? When I woke, I was lying on my back, spread across more than my half of the bed, the ceiling fan going, and not a shred of cover over me.

DIL, DIL’s Mother, DIL’s Baby

Originally Written: September 4, 2015

Recently, I’m not remembering my dreams as often. Instead of waking H with screams, I wake him laughing. I seldom remember why I’m laughing, but it must be very funny. I do recall a dream from a few nights ago. I dreamed that my DIL was pregnant and delivered a baby boy. I was feeding him a carrot. My DIL’s mother said, “We don’t feed him carrots.” When I asked her what kind of food he should eat, she said, “Cheap food.” Isn’t that silly. Her mother is the sweetest lady, and would never feed a baby cheap food… Well, unless it was very nourishing. 🙂 My DIL breastfed all the kids. I guess that’s the cheapest food ever, and the most nourishing.

Haunted House

Originally Written: April 8, 2015

I was looking at a house with my son. There was a pretty girl in the house who was selling doves. My son bought one for me. Martha Stewart helped us choose the dove. Then Martha and the girl were gone, and we were looking at the house again. My son wanted to spend the night in the house, but I felt bad vibes and wanted to leave. He insisted. Then he told me that he was going to leave his wife, that he was having an affair with a beautiful blond soap star. I was devastated and angry with him and worried about The Grand Trio. By now, I had very strong feelings about leaving the house, but he wanted to stay. The house began to shake. There were bad spirits in the house. We ran for the door. We made it outside, and we were safe, but he ran back in with a vacuum cleaner, shouting that he had forgotten to vacuum the living room carpet. When he was inside, a huge human skull appeared in the sky. I woke screaming.

The Old Neighborhood

Originally Written: February 19, 2015

I dreamed about my old neighborhood last night and a couple of the people who lived there. Miss Franny was David’s mother. She lived up the hill from us in a tiny, faux brick house. She was distinguished by her Baltimore accent, Lilliputian size, gigantic personality, and the fact that she drove an old car (after her husband went to work) even though she did not have a driver’s license. She once gave me a tomato with an odd, little growth to take to my mother, saying, “Tell her it’s a boy.”

I dreamed that David was at my house, and it was dark and very cold. He only had his bike. I woke my mother to tell her that I was going to drive him home, but that I wanted her to be awake when I returned because I was afraid someone would “get” me on the way from the car to the house. About that time, I felt unfamiliar arms going around my back. I woke screaming.