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Trump Tower Dream

I dreamed I was in Trump Tower when an airplane flew into the building. I was a few floors below where the plane hit. I didn’t see the fire/explosion, but I knew that it had happened. I was with a group of people; all were strangers. One woman was the nanny of Ivanka Trump’s little girl. She was a toddler. I was eager to get everyone moving to a lower floor. I was afraid the building would collapse like the World Trade Center did on 9/11.

We found stairs and started down, only to end abruptly at a blank wall after a few flights. We had to go back up and find access to other stairs. We started down again, and once more we ended at a blank wall. We started back up again, and eventually we found ourselves in a  huge room. People lined the walls in chairs. I realized that one of them was Ivanka. She was silently weeping. Her little girl was gone. I sensed that the child was gone forever, but of course, I knew we all were. No one would escape.

Donald Trump appeared and told us that all was well. Everything was fine. Not to worry. We all looked at him blankly. No one believed him. Everyone knew the plane had hit Trump Tower, and that we were all going to die, but he kept insisting that everything was great. I wanted to believe him, but I could not.

Interpretation: Plane Crash

I couldn’t find much that I could relate to about this dream. I did find that, “If you feel helpless when you watch the plane crash, it may mean that you are setting yourself up for failure because of some challenging situations in your life.” I did not see the plane crash, but I knew it had crashed into the building and I felt helpless.

Interpretation: Fire

I did not see the fire in this dream, but I knew it was there. Most of the interpretations I found about fire had to do with setting goals, reaching goals, perhaps making one’s goals too high, being concerned one may not reach goals, etc.

I felt out of control in the dream. I knew it was imperative that we move quickly, but nothing I did seemed to make progress. As soon as I thought I’d made progress, I had to retrace my steps, ending up at the place I’d begun. Maybe this was simply about my diet/weight loss. LOL I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’m much closer to my goal, but I’ve reached a plateau (up a pound, down a pound every few days) and it seems that I have to keep retracing my steps, losing the same pounds over and over again. My goal looks very far away at this point. This was a very frustrating dream.

Interpretation: President

When one dreams of the current President, this is a sign that the dreamer wants to live a more honorable and highly respected life.
Source: Dream Dictionary

That one made me laugh out loud.


The Not so Friendly Skies

airplaneNight before last, I dreamed that I was on an airplane. My husband was sitting on one side of me, and another man was sitting on the other side. He and I had just bought new watches and were putting them on. I got the little stick part of the catch pushed through the hole in the band, but I could not get the tail tucked through the little loop that secures it. He helped me. I thought he was nice. Then he roughly told me to stand up and sing a song in a foreign langue. I told him I only spoke English. He said, “Fake it.” I knew he was trying to get me to make a distraction. He was up to no good. I believed he was a terrorist, and I sensed he would kill me if I didn’t comply. I stood in the middle of the aisle, and at the top of my lungs, I started singing Amazing Grace in a pitiful, garbled, fake foreign language. I woke myself and H while singing the song.

Interpretation: Singing
A dream about singing on stage or singing in front of an audience may suggest that you are wanting or needing someone to listen to you in waking life. Source: Dream Cloud

I found several interpretations of singing, but this one was the best fit. I’ve had several dreams resulting in similar interpretations.

Interpretation: Terrorist
* May represent feeling dominated, disempowered, threatened, afraid or intimated.
* May represent feelings and concerns about terrorism in the world.
* May symbolize a part of your shadow side with negative traits that you have yet to recognize or understand.
Source: Dream Cloud

Interpretation: Being on an Airplane
Dreams about airplanes, like dreams about all modes of transportation, may be addressing the path you are on in life, how fast you are moving and how much you are in control of your life. Consider what the plane is doing, who you are and where you are on the plane for further insight. Source: Dream Cloud