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Scorpions and Ants and Other Scary Things

Originally Written: October 8, 2015

I woke at 3:30am. I had a nightmare. Poisonous, red ants and scorpions were crawling all over the bed and the surrounding floor. H woke me and said I was kicking and throwing my arms around. Wouldn’t you?

Analysis: A Scorpion is a poisonous stinging insect that symbolizes pain and death. If you see a scorpion in your dreams, it could be symbolic of being in a painful or hurting situation in life. It also represents scathing and poisonous remarks and attitudes of your enemies towards you. A scorpion is a sign of fear, particularly fear for the future, and the prediction of danger. Scorpions are also related to self-destruction. Perhaps actions that you have taken recently have put you in a situation in which you may be doing great damage to yourself.

Let’s try ants.

Analysis: Dreaming of ants may represent daily minor annoyances, the little things that bug you or interfere with what you are doing; may represent feeling small and insignificant; or feeling as if someone stepped on you. Ants may represent someone or something that makes your skin crawl or that you find disgusting. Red ants or fire ants in dreams may symbolize something small that is making you angry.

This is more likely, I guess. Everyone has small things that bug them.